James BRUCE Born c/1740 Scotland, d/10 Feb 1819 Wolf Creek, Pendleton Dist., SC m/Mary Smith, b/1740 SC, d/1833 PDSC. In 1787 James Bruce was granted 201 acres on Wolf Creek, now in Pickens Co.,SC. Children:
(1) female d/1787/90 PDSC m/1783 to Burton Moore;
(2) Patience b/1765/74 SC, m/Stephen Adams;
(3) William b/c1757 d/1833 Pickens Dist., SC;
(4) James b/1760 SC d/1830/33 GA, m/Priscilla b/1769 Scotland d/1832 GA, d/o Abraham & Sarah Bradley;
(5) John b/1774/84 PDSC, d/aft 1821 McMinn Co., TN, m/Jane Poteat in PDSC;
(6) George M. b/1777 PDSC d/1855 GA, m/Sarah Coles in PDSC;
(7) Daniel b/1774/84 PDSC;
(8) Sarah (no information);
(9) Rebecca b/1784/90 PDSC d/aft 1840 Benton Co., AL, m/Henry Wolf in PDSC.

Francis BRADLEY: Born 1752 Bute Co., NC, d/1836 Pickens Co., SC; m/Polly Eubanks 18 Mar 1831 PDSC. Moved to PDSC 1787/88. Children:
(1) Charles b/1777 PDSC, d/1827 Putnam Co., GA; m/Elizabeth Walton b/1783
(2) William b/1781 PDSC, d/1850 Randolph Co., AL
(3) Wiley b/1810 PDSC, d/1870 NC

Robert CARTER: No information

William ALLISON: Born 8 Jan 1751 Laurens Co., SC, d/1818 Laurens Co., SC; m/27 Feb 1775 Laurens Co. SC to Rachel Eleanor Moore. Children:
(1) Catherine
(2) James
(3) Jane
(4) Robert
(5) John Alexander b/1772, d/1851; m/Rachel Ann Barnes
(6) Anna b/1781
(7) Sarah b/1785
(8) William Louis b/1789, d/1864; m/Sarah Kerby
Family shown in 1790 Census of Pendleton Co., SC

Ansel HIDE: No information

Arthor & Joel OWNBY: Listed in the 1790 census as Arthor Owenby with 2 males 16 and older, 1 male under 16, and 5 females. It is believed that Joel OWENBY was one of the males listed as "16 and older." This Arthor OWENBY is said to be listed in the "Annals of SW VA 1769-1800" by Lewis P. Summers, p. 1421, as a private under Col. William Christian, Aug. 1776 (American Revolution). From undocumented sources he was the son of John OWENBY, Sr. b/VA? 1793 Will. Children were:
(1) John Jr. 1735 VA?-1824 Rutherford Co., NC m/Nancy "Nannie" Porter. They had 14 children, 4 of which married children of Robert HILL (Arthur m/1772 to Barbara HILL; Thomas m/1776 to Mourning HILL; John m/1781 to Elizabeth HILL; Nancy Ann m/1784 to Ephraim HILL).
(2) Arthor, found in Pendleton Dist., SC mentioned above;
(3) Thomas, possibly in SC with Arthor;
(4) James A. 1742 VA, 1816 Shelby Co., KY m1/Catharine ___?, m2/1802 to Elizabeth BRIGHT. Went to KY with his father in 1782;
(5) Powell, Sr. 1750 VA?, 1821 Bedford Co., VA, m1/Unity ____?, m2/Nancy Layne TUCKER.

Another source: According to BRIDGES TO THE PAST P. 233, (book in the NC Archives Genealogy dept.) Nancy Ann Owenby was daughter of John and Nancy Owenby and married Ephraim Hill Oct. 2, 1803. John Owenby was born in 1735 and died 1824 . He married Nancy Porter about 1755-'60 in VA. She died 1818 in Rutherford Co.,NC and it is believed that she was buried in a grave in Moutain Creek Bapt. Ch. Cem. John probably moved to Buncombe Co. to live with a son & died while there. John was a son of "Otter" probably Arthur Owenby, and Nancy is believed to be a daughter of Ambrose and Jemima Porter. John and Nancy migrated from Amherst Co., VA to old Tryon Co. prior to the Rev. War. John & Nancy had a son named Arthur born ca 1772, brother to Nancy Ann. This Arthur married Barbara Hill in Rutherford Co., NC Jan 17,1795. Source: Fran (
Note:The above HILL family's connection to Jonas and Henry HILL is unknown.

Abraham DUK(E): Born 1750 NC, d/3 Jul 1816 PDSC (Anderson Co.); m/Rosannah Roe. Children:
(1) William
(2) John b/1780, d/1841
(3) Abraham Martin b/1808 PDSC; m/Harriet Cannon, sister of Margaret Cannon
(4) James Madison b/1809, d/1892; m/Elizabeth Lavinia Jennings
Note: Abraham Martin Duke was a brother-in-law of Margaret Cannon, Josiah Marchbank's wife.

Jones BISHOP: No information

Christopher HARMON: No information

Charles BRADLEY: No information

Henry BURCH: was b/c1750 and d/9 Jun 1822 in Pendleton Dist., SC. He m/by 1775 to Susannah (--?--). Children: John m/Mary Pinson, Reuben m/Sarah Pinson, Jarrett m/Emilla Pinson, Allen m/Sarah (--?--), Charlotte m/Stephen Jett, Nancy m/Jesse Glenn, Martha m/Andrew Rowe, Mary m/Ellis Williams, Lydia m/William McFarland. In 1825 Susannah apparently moved to Rabun Co., GA with son Jarrett and his family. Henry Burch is believed to have been of a family in Surry Co., NC, just over the line from Henry Co., VA as early as 1771 (a John, Henry and William Burch are living in Surry Co., NC in 1771). He was justice of peace and lived on Cornhouse (near Nicholson's) Creek of little River and Keowee in Pendleton Dist., SC. In the spring of 1795, Henry purchased from Maj. Robert Cravens, two parcels of 114 and 103 acres on Keowee River in Pendleton (now in Anderson County, BK C: 26-28). On 15 Oct 1795, he sold 1070 acres on Keowee River (part of his 956 acre grant in 1793 and part of Robert Craven's 114 acre grant in 1792 [E:28-30]). Henry sold the 103 acres he purchased in 1795 from Robert Cravens on 26 Jan 1796? Source: "Forebears of James Kurkendall Byers and Ary Ann Burch," Stewart "1800 Pendleton District," and Stewart "Gone to Georgia."

William ROSE was b/c1757 in Granville Co., NC and d/12 Feb 1835 in Whitley Co., KY. He m/1774 Elizabeth Merritt in Granville Co., NC (GCNC). Children:
(1) Nancy b/c1774 GCNC;
(2) Hutson b/c1775 GCNC;
(3) Ann b/c1776 GCNC d/Madison Co., KY, m/John Powell in Pendleton Dist., SC (PDSC);
(4) Christian b/c1778 GCNC d/Whitley Co., KY, m/John McKiddy in KY;
(5) William b/1 Dec 1780 GCNC, d/KY m1/Frances Burch 1804 Green Co., GA, m2/Nancy Green 1856 KY;
(6) Patty b/1789 Pendleton Dist., SC, d/1801 PDSC;
(7) Benjamin M. b/1793 PDSC d/1890 KY m/Eliz. Powers 1820 KY;
(8) Ephraim b/1799 PDSC d/1848 KY m/Hannah Lee 1822 KY;
(9) Elizabeth b/c1800 PDSC m/Edward Bennett in KY?

John BOYD: b/c1765, probably Granville Co., NC (son of Robert BOYD b/1720 Lancaster Co., PA d/1782 Granville Co., NC and Lucretia O. MARY). John BOYD was a resident of the Pendleton Dist., SC when he died prior to 1825. His sister, Rachel (m/John Cannon) was living in Pickens Co., SC in 1825 and later died in this county. Robert BOYD had a brother named John b/1754-64 Lunenberg Co., VA d/bef 1826 Pendleton Dist., SC. Source:

Samuel BRADCUT: No information

John CANTRELL: b/1724 New Castle Co., PA (now Delaware) d/1803 SC m1/Mary? Jane ____? m2/ ____Brittian c/1743 (son of Joseph Cantrell b/1695 PA, d/1853 Orange Co., NC and Cathalina Heath). Siblings of John:
(1) Isaac 1727 PA - 1805 NC m1/1750 toTalitha Cloud, m2/1767 NC to Elizabeth ___?, m3/1772 to Mary Linder. Children by Talitha Cloud: Mary b/1754 NC; Benjamin b/1768 TN d/1843 Warren Co., TN; Sarah b/1769 VA/NC d/c1819 m/Wm Pirkle; Daniel b/1770 NC d/c1840 m/___Forrester; Peter b/1772 NC d/c1849 SC m1/ Ms Hightower m2/Sarah Hightower; Charles; Jacob; Robert; Thomas; Reuben; Elijah; Elizabeth; Isaac; Richard; John; Sarah; and James. Children by Mary Lender: Abraham; Caleb; Enoch; Mark; Nimrod b/1776; and Lanceford b/1787 m/Martha Cantwell.
(2) Hannah b/1720 PA
(3) Joseph b/1726 PA d/1804 Orange Co., VA m/Jemina
(4) Zebulon b/1728 m/Mary Montgomery
(5) James b/1719 or 1731 Orance VA d/bef 1780 NC, m/Katherine
(6) Benjamin b/1733 Orange VA
(7) Stephen b/1735 Orange VA d/1783 GA (9) Sarah b/1728 PA d/1783 VA m1/Wm Edwards, m2/Joseph Cantrill. [][]

Solomon PALMER II: Born 1763 NJ, d/c1841 GA, m/Sarah Weaver 1784 GA. Solomon was s/o Solomon I b/1729. Sarah was d/o John and Elizabeth Weaver. Solomon and his brother John were the heads of the family. They were given land grants by the State of Georgia but, always looking for more and better land, they sold their holdings in Wilkes Co., GA in 1792 and moved to newly ceeded Cherokee lands in South Carolina known as the Pendleton District. There they were granted large tracts of land by the State of South Carolina. They farmed and operated a General Store in a village known as Old Pickens, near the present day Pickens, SC. Eight years later, John and all his brothers except Solomon II moved to Henderson Co., KY where they lived 12 years and then moved to Henry Co., TN where he died 10 years later in 1834. Solomon continued to live in SC and raised a family of 6 sons and 3 daughters.Solomon & Sarah's children were:
(1) John b/1786 Pendleton Dist., SC d/1847 GA?, m/Nancy Boone 1820 PDSC?,
(2) Simeon b/1789 PDSC m/Rhoda w/o Simeon Palmer bef 1810 PDSC?
(3) Aron b/1791 PDSC?, d/1873 Dawson Co., GA?
(4) Jane b/1793 PDSC?, d/aft 1840 GA? m/Ira Nicholson c1810 PDSC?
(5) Mary b/1795 PDSC? d/1862 Dawson Co., GA?
(6) Sylas (Silas) b/1797 prob PDSC d/1878 GA?, m1/Sarah Daugherty, m2/Keziah Roe
(7) Sarah b/1800 PDSC? d/aft 1850 prog GA, m1/Lewis Barker, m2/Ransom Barnes 1849 GA?
(8) Benjamin b/1802 PDSC?, d/1830 Tuscaloosa, AL
(9) Solomon Jr. b/1807 PDSC?, d/1880 GA m/Nancy Nix 1829 GA.

Howell MILLER: No information

Henry WALBANKS: Born c/1772 d/1818 Union Co., SC [s/o Richard Woolbanks/Wilbanks and Priscilla Hewet] m/Elizabeth Sanders?, m/Ruth ____. About five years before Henry's father died, Col. Benjamin Cleveland led a group of pioneers from Wilkes Co., NC into Indian territory in Northwestern SC. Henry and his young wife were part of this group. They fought the Indians to establish homesteads. The area was later to become Pendleton Dist. and later to be divided into Anderson and Pickens Counties, SC. By 1790 Henry and Ruth had 2 children, Solomon and Ibbey. During the next 15 years they had eight more. In early fall of 1818, Henry made a journey. He was about 46 years old. It is not known why he made the journey or where he went, however, along the way he was either injured of fell ill. On 24 Sep 1818 he had someone write his will. He was survived by his wife Ruth, 7 sons (Solomon, Hiram, James Elim, Abijah, Elijah, Gideon and Richard), 3 daughters (Ibbey, Zilpha and Tempy?) who were all born in Anderson Co., SC. Richard Wilbanks's wife, Priscilla, was listed in the 1820 and 1830 census of Franklin Co., TN. Note: some descendants believe that Henry married a woman named Phoebe and sons Hiram, Abijah and Elijah was their mother. Others, based on family lore, say that he married Elizabeth Sanders and that the above children were by her. Henry's children by one or more wifes (subject to debate):
(1) Solomon b/1789 d/1850-60 Jackson Co., GA m1/Cely d/1830-40, m2/Nancy
(2) Ibbey (Isabella) b/1790 m/Bartley Gentry 1810-18, in SC 1820 & 1830
(3) Zilpha (Tilpha) "Nancy" b/c1793 m/John Dollar
(4) Hiram b/c 1795 d/1845. In1830 DeKalb Co., GA census
(5) James Elim (Elam)b/c1797 d/1861 Pike Co., AL (now Bullock Co.) m/Mary Finley d/1858
(6) Abijah b/c1802 m/Sarah
(7) Elijah b/c1803
(8) Gideon b/c1805 m/Jane
(9) Richard b/c1806 m/Nancy.

William MILLER: No information

John POWELL: John Powell, Sr. m/Mary Cromwell. Their son John Powell, Jr. m/Alice Brewer and their son, James b/1759 m/Rebecca Bynum. James and Rebecca moved from Chatham, NC to Pendleton Dist., (Orange Co.),SC as early as 1794. They had sons George and Green and moved to Blount Co., AL by 1818 and died there.

William NICHOLSON: Born 1765 VA d/1820 Pendleton Dist., SC. m/1785 to Martha Richardson. Children:
(1) Isaac b/1786 GA d/1883 MS
(2) Mary b/1788 Wash. Dist. (Greenville Co.) SC d/1822 NC m/Barak Norton
(3) Isaac P. b/c1789 Greenville Co., SC d/1883 MS m/Mary ___
(4) Evan b/1790-94 Greenville Co., SC d/1835 AL m/Sarah Vann
(5) Ira R. b/c1793 Greenville Co., SC d/1840 GA m/Jane Palmer
(6) Stephen R. b/c1796 Greenville Co., SC d/1876 Oconee Co., SC m/Rebecca Corbin
(7) Sarah b/1798 Pendleton Dist., SC d/1869 AL m/1823 Pickens Co., SC to Thomas B. Reid
(8) Martha b/1802 PDSC d/1892 MS m/c1831 to Nathaniel Lamar
(9) Harriet b/1804 PDSC d/1860 Pickens Co., SC m/William Reuben Baker
(10) Belinda R. b/1809 Pendleton Dist., SC d/1851 MS m/1827 to Matthew Knox
(11) Lemuel Madison b/1811PDSC d/1855 AL m/Mary Waddell.
William was the son of John Nicholson b/c1720 d/1777 and Elizabeth (d/o John Andrews), whose children other than William were Buckner b/1767, Benjamin b/1768, Jane b/1770, John b/1772 and Susanna b/1773. Source: Old Pendleton Databank

Frederick WILLIAMS: No information

Joshua ROBINS: No information

Benjamin BARTON: Born c/1760 Stafford Co., VA, d/1818 Pickens Co., SC m/1783 to Dorcas Anderson b/1763 VA, d/1849 Pickens Co., SC. Pension papers of Benjamin Barton & widow Dorcas, show that he was living on the Pacolet River in Spartanburg Dist., SC before the Revolution. After they were married in Spartanburg, the move to Greenville Dist., where his brother already was living. Benjamin bought land on 12-Mile Creek (Pickens Co.) in 1788 from John and Letty Gowen of Spartanburg. Children of Benjamin & Dorcas Barton were:
(1) Joshua b/1783 d/aft 1818 Pendleton Dist., SC
(2) Celey b/1786, d/aft 1818 PDSC m/William Cannon
(3) Avarilla b/1788 SC, d/1863 Pickens Co., SC m/Sargent Griffin
(4) Abigail Sarah m/Stephen Reid
(5) Bailey A. b/1793, d/1847 Pickens Co., SC, m/Jenny Fields
(6) Thomas d/aft 1818 PDSC m/Sarah Boyd
(7) Milton
(8) J. Benjamin b/c1797 Spartanburg Co., SC
(9) James Madison d/aft 1818 PDSC
(10) Jane d/aft 1818 PDSC m/1808 PDSC to John Brown
(11) Vashti d/aft 1818 PDSC m/Mr. Kirksey
(12) Elizabeth b/1801 SC d/aft 1850 Pickens Co., SC m/David Moseley

John THOMAS: No information

J. McLEMORE: James Macklemore and Fortune Gilliam are said to have had the following children:
(1) Margery,
(2) John J.,
(3) James, Jr.,
(4) Charles,
(5) Ephraim,
(6) Archibald
(7) William.
Note: One source shows that James Sr. died in Bertie Co., NC around 1733. Another source shows a James Macklemore, Sr b/1718 d/1800 m/Nancy Jones PS NC?? One descendant says that Fortune (Fortain) Gilliam's parents were John Gilliam and Margery Henshaw. John was b/c1614 in England d/1673 VA. His father was also a John Gilliam and his mother was a Fountayn?. Ephraim married Hannah Hudspeth c1755. Ephraim appears to have been in Granville Co., NC in 1754 (Eaton's Reg.). He bought 110 acres in Granville Co. in 1763 and 250 acres on Adcock Creek that same year. In 1775 he is found on the Surry Co., NC tax list and entered 570 acres in 1778 on Hunters Creek. Also on the 1782 Surry Co. tax list (1 horse, no land).

Robert McAFEE: No information

David CLARK: No information

James McKINNEY: No information

Shadrack NOLAND: Born 1752 Frederick Co., VA, d/1841 Hardin Co., TN m/Anne Stacy b/1756 Frederick Co., VA. Their son Joseph , b/c1772. Shadrack served in Rev War and afterwards lived in Pendleton Co., SC, then moved to Hopkins Co., KY, then to Dickson Co., TN, then to Hardin Co., TN. [Shadrack was the son of Stephen Noland II b/1714 Charles Co., MD d/1790 Fairfield Dist., SC and Susannah Smallwood b/1725 Charles Co., MD] Stephen Noland II moved to Frederick Co., VA abt 1747 and received a land Grant of 100 acres in Fairfield Co., SC from Charles II of England. Children of Stephen Noland II and Susannah Smallwood:
(1) Mordicai
(2) Susannah
(3) Mary
(4) Nancy
(5) George b/1750 Fairfield Dist SC
(6) James b/1750 Frederick Co VA
(7) Shadrack b/1752 Frederick Co., VA
(8) Stephen b/1753 Frederick Co., VA,
(9) David b/1756 Frederick Co., VA
(10) William b/1759 Fairfield Dist, SC.

William McFARLAND: he is probably the William McFarland that married Lydia Burch, daughter of Henry Burch and Susanna (--?--), who lived on Cornhouse Creek of Little River and Keowee River in Pendleton Dist., SC between 1790 and 1800.

John GRISHAM, JR.: Born 1761 Culpeper Co., VA, d/1835 Oconee Co., SC, m/1788 to Martha Halbert b/1772, d/1810 Oconee Co., SC, (d/o William Halbert & Elizabeth Hill). John Grisham, Jr.'s parents were John b/1713/14 VA, d/1814 and Barbara Burding b/c1740 Culpeper Co., VA, died in Abbeville Co., SC (d/o Richard Burdine and Catherine Tanner). John Jr. & Martha Grisham's children were:
(1) Joseph b/1789 Pickens Co., SC d/1857 Cherokee Co., GA, m/1813 to nancy Watt
(2) Elizabeth b/1791, d/aft 1835 m/Mr. McDavid
(3) Susannah b/1794 d/1794
(4) Lucinda Parthenia b/1795, d/1875 Pickens Co., SC, m/1818 to Arthur R. Craig
(5) Frances b/1798, m/John B. Hammond
(6) John Ridge b/1800, d/aft 1835, m/Julia Finch
(7) William S. b/1803, d/aft 1835, m/Susan Bradford
(8) Reuben d/aft 1835 m/Susan Karr (9) Melinda C. b/1805, d/aft 1835, m/Thomas S. Watson

Abraham HARGIS: Born 1783 Pearson Co., NC, d/1827, Marion Co., TN m/1800 NC to Rebecca Caroline Floyd b/1784 Pendleton Dist., SC. Owned land in Marion Co., TN on Battle Creek in 1824. Abraham served in War of 1812 and took part in Indian Wars in Florida. Children of Abraham & Rebecca Hargis:
(1) Alexander Floyd b/1802 d/1863
(2) Thomas Jefferson b/1804 Franklin Co., TN, d/1871
(3) Mary b/1810 d/1880
(4) Margaret b/1812 FCT
(5) Abner b/1816 FCT
(6) Polly b/1820
(7) David Floyd b/1824 TN
(8) Jonathan A. b/1825
(9) William L. b/c1826 Battle Creek, Marion Co., TN
(10) Sarah b/1829 Battle Creek, TN d/1881
(11) Louisa b/1829 Battle Creek, TN
(12) Anna Mary b/1832 Marion Co., TN. d/1899
Abraham was the son of William Hargis b/1760 VA d/1836 White Co., TN m/1782 Caswell Co., NC to Elizabeth Jay b/1766 NC d/1841 White Co., TN (d/o John Jay & Mercy Barlett). Children of William & Elizabeth Hargis: (other than Abraham):
(1) James Jay b/1785 NC d/1850 Jackson Co., TN m/c 1805 in White Co., TN to Mary Anderson b/c1785
(2) Solomon Nalley b/1788 NC m/c 1808 to Sarah Agnes Shaw b/c1788
(3) Susannah b/1790 NC d/1866 White Co., TN m/c1810 to John Suttell b/c1790
(4) Jane Jean b/1792 NC d/1836 Franklin Co., MO?
(5) Sarah b/1798 m/c 1816 to Mr. Moore b/c1796
(6) Thomas Lea b/1801 NC d/1801 White Co., TN
(7) Elizabeth Jay b/1804 m/c1818 to Mr. Johnson b/c1798
(8) Washington Green b/1807 White Co., TN D/c 1863 Ripley Co., MO m/c1837 to Margaret Johnson b/c1807.
[][][] []